You can't wait to get your song released, but something seems to be missing?

It's been recorded correctly and you've checked all the loops, but somehow it's off balance?

What you're missing is professional mixing & mastering! 

Our team of producers can take a good listen and make sure that the project is done perfectly.  We want to follow your vision on the music so we will contact you to hear what you have in mind.

Once everything is set,  you can expect your Mastered song in less then 48 hours depending on the availability of the producers and the style of music you wish to mix/master.


Here are some songs produced by our team.

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How we handle your music.

The first phase is listening to your music and realizing the changes you want us to make. After finding the sweet spots one or more producers equalize the vocal and instrumental layers to fit in harmony.  After the special ingredients are added we do several quality checks on different sound systems to determent whether your music is properly mixed and mastered for the public to enjoy. 

What you get 

1x wav file (Mastered Song)

1x mp3 file (Mastered Song)



Our special offer.

$90 Discount on the "10 songs" order. 

As soon as you order, one of our producers will receive your contact information and guide you through the process.