Dear Dance Academies..

5000% and Daybolis Art Studios are having their first Annual Music Video Dance Contest (AMVDC) .
Every summer 5000% and Daybolis will produce a song and music video for the dance culture,
people inspired by dance, and dance lovers world wide. The theme song for this summer is
“Keep Moving by FreshMan5000 feat. K-lew” .

Contest Rules
1. Original dance choreography to the song Keep Moving.
           choreography length
    min - 1min20sec
    max - 2min38sec

2. Each school prepares two dance routines
   choreography 1 - competition  (this routine will be filmed for the making of the video)
   choreography 2 - victory           (this routine will be performed and  filmed if victorious)

3. Each school performs once to keep it moving, after all performances the crowd will determine the
 winner by the most rounds of applause (Apollo theatre format).

4. Winner
The winner performs  choreography  2 -the victory  dance- and will be the most featured crew  in the
final edit of the  Keep Moving music video.

5. Prizes
- The winner receives an exclusive promo video (Pluto Productions & Daybolis Art Studios)
- An original theme song to go with the promo video
- A feature in the next video (Pluto Productions & Daybolis Art Studios)

Details about the making of the music video 

As part of the video contest we will also come to your school on the morning of the competition to film the practice session.
During the filming we will also gather content for the advertising of your dance academy/school for behind the scenes footage.

We really hope you are inspired to join our first Annual Music Video Dance Contest  (AMVDC) .