RADIO ACTIVE 2: REVOLUTION Is not just an album to listen and enjoy.. It's filled with messages to empower and motivate the people around us. It's coming to make a difference in the world we live in today. While challenging routines and mindsets we offer some guidance through the journey called life.. 

 With projects that provide the community free education in exchange for their knowledge, time, or something to help us along the way, we aim to better people's situation and skillset.

Another one of our projects is called "Let your passion shine"  where we invite people to create a cool bio video of their passion for free. It can motivate them and hopefully inspire people around them to do the same, to shine.

With many more projects running and starting in the near future we need as many people as possible to get involved.  This is  why we're reaching out to you, if you want to support this cause and participate in projects where you feel effective and passionate, contact us in the form below. It's a community project!

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