At 5000% we designed an agreement that will be beneficial for both parties involved. The artists involved can promote and hype costumers to buy tickets to the venues on their schedule's. The venue/festival/show involved is part of a Global Tour starting in Jamaica. Apart from huge promotion, we will be capturing our show on video for future promotional purposes. Doing so will mean constant promotion for the Organizers and venue/festival/shows. 

Last but not least! We use the pre-sale revenues as our fee to cover traveling costs and Artist payout. We will not charge to perform, once we reach the agreed amount of tickets pre-sales to cover our costs.

All other ticket sales can be done by the venue, according to an agreed entry fee at the door. That ticket sales will depend on you for a big part of the promotion, locally and on your platforms. We will make sure to bring our fans and international online audience. We are a varied group of up to ten independent artists putting on a dynamic and powerful show, different every time.


Submit your Venue today and make a Pre-Sale Deal for the Upcoming Tour "Infinity2020".

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