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We at 5000% also do promotion for artists outside of the family. Our goal is to promote Quality music with good messages. This means one of us most likely  directed you to this page. If not, or you are not sure if you're properly verified you can submit your profile for free by pasting your Spotify artist URL in the field below.. 

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We get your music to the world.

Through our network  we promote over a 100 artists, bands and other organisations. Engagement to our platform is essential for our work so we constantly aim to promote it. With this concept and many others our focus is on promoting and spreading good messages as we mentioned before. 

We specifically review every order we get to fit a proper promotion plan to it. While you're busy handling your music, we can take care of the promotion. 

Apart from exposure we offer support and guidance through various online and offline issues in relations to your Artistic Career. This can mean a lot of work... For us to easily assist you in this journey we created 4 options.