ABOUT 5000%

A group of young, ambitious and creative artists of which the foundation is build on friendship and a shared passion for music.
The group was founded by FreshMan5000(FreshMan).
His best friend Ego5000(Ego) supported him and his vision without hesitation. They wrote and recorded music together and collaborated with other local artists. Faya5000(Faya) was introduced to the studio by FreshMan. Once she entered the studio, Faya never left. MadMax5000(MadMax) was also a longtime friend of FreshMan and a regular visitor and user of the studio. The personality and creativity of every individual is accepted and respected as it is. 5000% is all for exploring yourself on a personal level, but also as an artist. They produce their own music, write and sing their own songs and even make their own music videos. 5000% is a well-rounded group and is not afraid to think out of the box.