Sista Ruby was born Annette Knight, 25th April 1968, in London, England, to Jamaican parents. She had a passion for deejaying from the early of 14. It was when she was 17 she made her presence known by hitting the dancehalls chatting on a local sound system named "Diamonds" from South West London. It was there she made a name for herself locally. In 1987, at the age of 19 she made her first recording, an album named "Woman DJ.")

Over the years that passed Sista Ruby raised her 5 children. Along the journey of motherhood, she kept writing and singing knowing that one day she would go public again. However,,she never made another recording that was released until now nearly 30 years later. Sista Ruby's style is influenced by her Rastafarian lifestyle, choosing to write songs of consciousness and reality. Being encouraged by her now grown children she came to Jamaica determined to leave her mark. It was in Jamaica, September 2016, that Sista Ruby met with a musician by the name of George Miller, who is producer/drummer of the Firehouse Crew. After Sista Ruby and George Miller met, a wonderful interpretation of music was made resulting in the creation of two songs, "Recharge" and "I'm On A Mission".

Since then Sista Ruby has recorded a collection of songs which will eventually go on an album, all of which depict a variety of styles and topics. On these new tunes Sista Ruby has shown growth, and her reignited passion for music has taken her even further. . In January 2018, Sista Ruby was privileged to feature on Kool 97 FM, in Kingston, Jamaica., alongside the Firehouse Crew and Friends an experience which has taught her what it is like to play with real authentic musicians.

In March 2018 Sista Ruby entered a competition called Britains Got Reggae, a talent show which was founded by Cyrlene Braithwaite 4 years ago. Britains Got Reggae is an awesome event that enables up and coming artists to put themselves out there on a platform, performing with a live band in three stages. Sista Ruby was successful in reaching the finals where she eventually came second. This was an incredible experience for her and she has gained confidence and exposure for being a part of this competition.

Being UK based, Sista Ruby has teamed up with Gary Digitec Productions, a very credible producer, who records and promotes UK reggae artists. It is with him she has recorded 4 songs and has had relative success with Teach Me and Private Party two songs which have launched her to the UK public and beyond.

Presently, the music vibration continues and Sista Ruby affectionately and officially named ("UK Fyah Mumma") by Beverley Notes, is fulljoying this musical journey and embracing what it has to offer