Year 2033.



There are things in this world still left unexplained. Forces that seem impossible to most people. Powers that manifested in certain objects to make a difference in this world. Some individuals no longer need these certain objects since they absorbed the power. They now rule what is left of this world through lying and manipulation, saying what they need to keep the public in fear. They abolished governments and law enforcements and have total control over the people. The few ones left who believe in the law, order and freedom are forced to hide off grid were the gods decided to let them live on.

Religion is forbidden in the new world.

Most of the totems still circulate and find new carriers to manifest their powers.

We are looking for people inspired by the story and willing to have a acting role in the pilot. The cast needed is displayed below.

Cast for pilot (episode 1) Actors:
Little Angie
Junior  Basiel
TK. ( Bartender)
Junior's contractor  Dion
Other employee  Mark
3 figurants 
Moonshine man 
Angie  RaeRae5000
Joe  Floris
Bouncer at Yang's
5 figurants at Yang's
Poker player Tom
Hunter leader Mees
Running Man
KO man
Angie's target
Mind controller
Person 1. Tim
Person 2. Josh
Person 3. Gio
Person 4. Sasha
Person 5. Mason



  • Junior, the unluckiest man alive until he finds a weird looking die by accident which turns every situation into his favor.. However after holding on to it for too long he starts hallucinating. Always seeing a pony in the room..


  • Joe & Terry, two insane brothers decide to rob someone. They find themselves in a situation ambushed until something crazy happens. they vanish.. Appearing in their own home.. The two brothers have a lot of speculations & theories of how this could happen so after lots of fighting and yelling they decide to look for answers. With some fun along the way..


  • James,  Crazy rich man once a Totem carrier. Not yet clear to the viewers what he’s looking for or even who he is. With him are two hired men with Totems of their own. One of them gives the carrier the ability to move things with his mind. The other can let the carrier control the mind of his target. Together they storm into every lead they get and they leave no witness alive. After some time he finds out about more Totems and wishes to collect them all..


  • Creator of the Totems, Alive for 700 years once made an Infinity Totem. Over the years he made different Totems in secret for mysterious millionaires until his guilt got the best of him. He then fakes his own death to hide on an island far away from everyone to never create a cursed object again. Unfolding his story in the second season..


  • Hunter Leader, Escorting a guide paid by a landlord. After finally reaching destination he realizes it was a search to the bunker of some world leaders and high position people. After recovering the bunkered people one of the leaders single him out and inform the rest about the situation. A secret about the hunter leader covering up a murder his brother committed. They banish him to the outlands where he finds a totem giving him super strength (James missing totem)


  • Liam, very shy and clumsy. Since he was five years old he liked to collect little things and his mom couldn't stop him from picking stuff . One time he found this little glowing stone under a trash bag and ever since he found it he can take control of people's body  by holding the little stone.


  • Angie, “Hunter for hire” with the rare ability always hitting her target. Stories go around that she has a mysterious gun which always hits its target.. Many have tried and are still trying to retrieve this special gun.. Her main motive is to find her long lost sister.




House in the woods 01 Little Angie .
Yang's shack 02 Junior, TK 2 visitors
Construction Area 02b Junior, Contractor, Other employee
Moonshine stand 02c Junior, Moonshine man 1 passing figurant
Hank's house 03, 03b Terry, Joe, Hank
Outlands 04 Angie, Radiohead
Yang's shack 05 Angie, TK, Doorman 3 visitors
05b Angie, Richard 3 visitors
05c Angie, Alex 3 visitors
Yang's poker table 06 Junior, Poker Player
Outlands trip 07 Hunter leader, Rage, John, Felix, Jimmy, Morgan, Jackson, Guide, Sasha
7b Hunter Leader, Jimmy, John
7c Hunter leader, Rage, John, Felix, Jimmy, Morgan, Jackson, Guide, Sasha
7d Hunter leader, Rage, John, Felix, Jimmy, Morgan, Jackson, Guide, Sasha
Out in the streets (Sector 4) 08 Junior, Running man
Old Factory 09 James, Keano, Yuri, Hostage KO Man
Outlands 2 10 Angie, Alex, Target
Vairous locations 11 Tim, Josh, Gio, Sasha, Mason 4 Figurants
Junior's place 12 Junior